A little more about myself...

My name is Assen Petrov and I am a Treasury Manager at a private energy firm in Houston, Texas. Since 2014, I have earned my certifications as a CFA Charterholder, CTP, FPAC, CMA, and CFE. I earned my MBA and MS in Finance from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.


Although I passed all of these exams on the first try, while studying I realized the lack of specialized coaching. If I ever had a question about a specific topic studying quickly became frustrating because there was nobody to ask, and so I had to re-read the material many times until it finally made sense. Even though I had signed up at a standard test prep provider to study for each exam, it was self-study and that meant I was on my own. I know how that feels and that is why I decided to make it easier for future candidates by offering specialized tutoring for their exams.


Click below for detailed records of each of my certifications and a link to my LinkedIn profile.

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